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What we do

We are a team of chartered surveyors and industry experts with years of experience in lease advisory, agency, financial services and management. Combined with our commitment and bespoke approach, our expertise and trusting relationships with clients ensure we can offer the experience and knowledge to secure the best deals and add value to transactions.


Forever growing since our establishment in the summer of 1994, we are active within the UK and Europe, offering trusted advice. The range of our services and our clients is testament to the comprehensive nature of advice we can offer.


Our work encompasses the following:

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Agency - In Town Retail

Our in-town retail team carry out the best deals for both landlords and occupiers, handling and overseeing all instructions on a day-to-day basis...

Out of Town Retail


Having been in the market for over 25 years, our team have first-hand experience of the changes and challenges that this sector of the property market has seen...

Investment - UK

Our UK investment advisory business has all the experience, understanding and common sense that is needed to navigate the UK investment market...

Investment - Overseas

AGL have spent fifteen years advising on the German investment market, principally in the retail sector...

Asset Management

In difficult times, good asset management is more important than ever.  A fresh set of eyes and new ideas can make a massive difference...

Property Management

We believe that successful property management is founded on a strong relationship between occupier and owner. We want the occupiers of the buildings we manage to feel wanted, valued and looked after; mutual respect and excellent communication helps us to achieve this...

Lease Advisory

A sound knowledge of the relevant legislation, expertise in the market, a commercial approach and great negotiating skills enable the professional department to achieve outstanding results for our clients...


Our team have had held executive roles in the leisure industry, including Health and Fitness, Gaming, and Restaurants and therefore  are uniquely positioned to fully understand the requirements of operators, landlords and investors...

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